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As we kick off our new and improved website, we want to highlight how awesome all of the competitive and non-competitive female athletes are in the Western Collegiate Cycling Confernence!

Every month we will be highlighting collegiate female athletes from the past and the present to showcase their excellence in academics, leadership, determination, racing, and/or just getting out on a bike.

Spring Racing Skills Training Series
Oct. 24-25th Women's Training Camp

Highlighted News

Women's Training Camp Dates Announced. Dates are in the book for this years Women's Training Camp. Further details will be available soon. Mark your calendars for October 24th through the 25th.

Write for the WCCWCC. Women's Collegiate Cycling is looking for individuals who are passionate about women's cycling. Whether you want to review your favorite gear, submit a video about a classic ride or race course, or just talk about the happenings in women's cycling. There will be perks, everything has to start from something! If you are interested, send an email to E.T. and be willing to have fun and a positive attitude!


Summer Racing

by E. Thompson | 07/25/2014 9:00 A.M.

When WCCC riders aren't in school over summer (okay, some may be taking summer session as well still) many of them are continuing their race season by representing their local or continuing to wear their collegiate colors across the states.

While they are racing, participating at Nationals (Mountain just happened, more on that later) we decide to do a complete redesign of the - probably never used - wccwcc website! Tell us what you think by sending us a Tweet! And thank you for your patience while we get everything back up and running!


Opening the Doors to All Female Cyclists

by E. Thompson | 08/09/2013 2:00 P.M.

For the 3rd Annual WCC², all riders will have the chance to join Collegiate Teams for the Women's Cycling Conference. This is a great opportunity for Collegiate Female Atheletes to ride with members of the community, and for highschoolers interested in the sport to be mentored and explore collegiate program options.


Women's Cycling host Western Collegiate Cycling Conference Event

by Gauchosplay featured | 01/12/2012

Last weekend, UCSB Women’s Cycling brought together various Western Collegiate Cycling Conference teams in an event that promoted and encouraged participating in collegiate cycling.

The WCCC Weekend, largely organized by UCSB senior cyclist Erika Pearsons, attracted an impressive turnout, even drawing attention of three of the world’s top-ranked women’s cyclists. Professionals Ina Teutenberg, Amber Neben and Jessica Phillips spent the day riding and answering questions.


West Coast Collegiate Women's Cycling Conference Offers Training Summit

by SoCal UC featured |10/29/2011

Santa Barbara is set to host approximately 80 women collegiate cyclists from a dozen universities for the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference’s (WCCC) first ever womens’ training camp on November 4-6. This cycling festival is co-sponsored by USA Cycling and B4T9 Women’s Master Team and will also be supported with the help of professional racers Amber Neben, Ina Teutenberg and Jessica Phillips.


UC - Santa Barbara to host women's cycling conference

by Imelda March | The Daily Peloton featured |10/26/2011

The Daily Peloton Cycling News interviewed Erikaceae Pearsons, a student at the University of California – Santa Barbara (UCSB) and event manager for the WCCWCC.

DP: Where did the idea for a WCCWCC conference evolve? Who is/are the brain child/children behind the WCCWCC?

A teammate of mine, Erik Hartsuyker (UCSB—Senior) attended the USA Cycling Collegiate National Road Championships in Madison, Wisconsin and while there he sat in the women’s collegiate cycling conference. Upon his return we were chatting and he was telling me about the event and thought that a collegiate women’s camp is something that could be executed in our region.

The conversation took various forms and I got excited about it and thought it would be awesome to gather a number of women in a camp setting.

Since I am a racer about to obtain a bachelor's degree in film and media studies with an education enterprise minor I thought that combining what I have learned evolved into a type of live collegiate women’s cycling case study would be a good way to spread the cycling love.

As I got thinking, I immediately reached out to my own women’s cycling network and the ball rolled-out pretty quickly after that.

I was very surprised of the support I was receiving and how the word was spreading rapidly too!

To agree on a suitable date, we worked with our conference – the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference (WCCC) to ensure that there were no collegiate regional conflicts and that is how the date was determined.

DP: How did you snag such a stellar line up of Pro Women racers?

Ha..ha! We are very excited about this event! But I would be remiss if I did not mention that the B4T9 women’s cycling team did not have a hand on this one. They were the one’s who influenced the Pro Women involvement. This team is very connected and once I reach out to them they asked -- how big do you want the event to be?

"I naturally replied that I wanted it to be big as possible."

Note: at press time, Amber Neben, Jessica Phillips, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (GER) and Sue Fish were confirmed professional riders who will take part in the WCCWCC.

DP: Who is the B4T9 foundation? How did they get involved?

The B4T9 is an area master’s women racing team located in California. Their name stand for B4…”as is previous to” T9…”as in title IX,” the federal law passed in 1972 requiring institutions who provide equitable opportunity for women and girls to participate in sports. (Source: USA Cycling)

Since they are visible in our region, it was a natural affiliation for us because the team provides encouragement, inspiration, education and resources to other women seeking competitive sports opportunities. Plus, they already host a women’s camp in the region and they fit in because of the “been there done that” logical connection.

DP: What process did you use to get the word out?

I contacted all the sitting collegiate team presidents in California and Nevada.

Once that was completed I also reached out to the region’s e-mail collegiate team lists, my friends, other regional teams and basically anyone interested in women’s collegiate cycling.

DP: Will this be a template that could be rolled out nationwide at the collegiate ranks?

After the event is over I hope to reach out to USA Cycling Collegiate to address success stories and pitfalls of the event with a desire for a national camp roll-out in the future.

DP: How many riders and/or teams are confirmed? Will there be on-site registration for the event?

Currently, we have 80 female riders signed up to attend and they range in ages from 18 to 35.

Additionally, the attendees bike skills range from beginner to experienced racers with mountain bike and road disciplines represented.

The following institutions will be represented:

♦ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

♦ Chico State University

♦ Fresno State University

♦ Humboldt State University

♦ Stanford University

♦ UC Berkeley

♦ UC Davis

♦ UC Los Angeles

♦ UC San Diego

♦ UC Santa Barbara

♦ UC Santa Cruz

♦ University of Nevada, Reno

♦ University of Southern California (USC)

Due to the large turn-out, we will not have on-site registration for the event.

DP: I see that you have USA Cycling as a sponsor, what is their involvement?

They provided monetary support for the event.

DP: Will the Pro Women be pitching a tent right along with the collegiate riders or will they be staying in ‘push’ off-site accommodations?

Ha..ha! As far as I know, they will be elbow-to-elbow with us. However, some do have houses in the valley so they will be very close to our weekend tent site.