The Western Collegiate Cycling Conference put on the first ever women's collegiate cycling conference back in 2011 for California and Nevada. The Women's Cycling Conference (WCC²) brings female cyclists together from across the states for a weekend of biking, camping, socializing, and much more! The event is free for collegiate members of the WCCC, and open to the community for a small donation to help cover costs. Our mission is to provide all women athletes passionate for the sport an opportunity to meet and ride with others, while attending a fun conference.
The WCC² offers opportunities for Road and Mountain cyclists of all ages and abilities. We hit some bumps in the road but the ride continues on as we hope to keep continuing the climb for women's cycling. Every year we work on expanding the conference and the public's awareness for collegiate cycling. The next event will be taking place in the fall of 2017.
Our training camp is important, for multiple reasons. Not only does it bring together great athletes from those just braving the sport to those who've been on bikes since they could walk but it helps recognize the importance of women's cycling. Many of the collegiate athletes come from small teams, where it is common to never start a race with a teammate beside you. This camp allows riders throughout the conference to get to know one another, make new friends, or keep an early eye out for top competition before road or the next season begins.</p></p>

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